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Zombie-A-GoGo Interviews


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

7:13 PM - Vexed Youth: What you gonna do when zombies attack?

So, I found myself running the door at the U-turn in Washington D.C. the other weekend. Yeah. Don't ask how I ended up running the door. Sometimes, we find ourselves in the strangest places. Anyway, I am listening to a band called Vexed Youth play and they come out with a zombie song in their set. I'm thinking that it's really cool and then my girlfriend suggested I interview them for ZAGG. So, I followed her advice and here you have it.


HD: Alright, I suppose I can start by saying I caught your show at the U-Turn last weekend and you guys sounded great. What especially caught my interest was your song about zombies, because that’s my favorite subgenre of horror in both film and literature. So, what bands do you feel Vexed Youth draw most of their influence from?

Jay: I myself started out with minor threat through and through working through DC hardcore with Your State of Alert and Bad Brains. I love all genres of punk basically, but DC hardcore and local shows (Daycare Swindlers, Die Cheerleader Die, The Overprivileged) built what i listen to today.

Jason: Fast, hard, punch you in the face punk music.

HD: Very cool. I'm a fan of Die Cheerleader Die and The Overprivileged myself. Too bad they both split up. What do you feel your greatest accomplishments have been so far as Vexed Youth?

Jay: I guess the show we drove 7 hours down to North Carolina to play with Resilience and The Exploited. We got a huge reaction and both the headlining bands really liked us. tThe first person to buy one of our CDs after our set was Resilience's bassist.

HD: Very cool. I love The Exploited.

Jason: Playing music that people enjoy listening to. Looking out in the crowd and watching people sing all of the words to your songs.

HD: My main reason for the interview is the aptly named, Zombie Song. What was the inspiration behind it?

Jay: Well, I came up with a creepy riff on my guitar and decided it was time to make a creepy song. I got alot of inspiration from flicks shown at a friends local movie night at his house every two weeks called Bloody Tit Night (http://groups.myspace.com/BloodyTitNight). It's open to any and everyone who wants to come.

HD: Sounds like a good time and you have to respect the name.

Jason: The love for the undead.

HD: Do you guys plan on doing any other zombie-related songs in the future? If so, any ideas yet?

Jay: Well as of right now I'm just writing whatever comes to me at the moment, and I haven't had another zombie filled lyric session yet. But, who knows?

Jason: We go over to a good friend of ours' (Robbie) house, to something called BTN (Bloody Tit Night), where we watch all of the cheesiest corny horror movies known to man. So a BTN song is in the making.

HD: What about other horror themes in your music? Anything else in your current songlist or anything else coming out in the future?

Jay: Nothing else really horror related, just kinda violent. I only write what I feel like at the time. Maybe i should go out and watch some more zombie flicks?

HD: That's a great idea. OK. This is for a zombie site, so I’ll have to get back to our favorite subject again. Do you guys like zombie flicks or novels? If so, what are your favorites?

Jay: Zombie flicks for sure. Of course the classic Zombie and all of the Dawn, Day, Night, Return of the Living Dead" series. But we watch alot more than just zombie movies at BTN, like french horror such as Suspiria and German horror such as our beloved Nekromantik I & II.

Jason: Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, and Land of the Dead.

HD: Nice picks. I think Suspiria is Italian though. Don't quote me on that. Any zombie stinkers you’ve seen? Hell, there are plenty of them out there.

Jay: Not thus far.

Jason: House of the Dead, that movie was..... w/ all the flash backs. What were they thinking?

HD: One can never be too sure of what they were thinking when they made that one. Man, I still own it and have watched it a few times. Alrighty then, back to the band to tie this up. Do you guys have any big events coming up?

Jay: We have a big show at the U-turn with 3 other bands on our label and another show like that down in North Carolina. Also, we have a show coming up in New York. so things are picking up.

Jason: We are playing a huge show in New York (thanks to Howie) on the 29th. And we are planning a tour to Colorado over the spring hopefully.

HD: Finally, where can a person get some Vexed Youth merchandise or hear your music if they’re interested?

Jay: Soon we will have merch available at http://www.powerpill.cjb.net through our good friend howie. but for now you can snail mail us for merch. get the contact info through our myspace at http://www.myspace.com/vexedyouth.

Jason: If you mail us a blank CD, we will burn you a demo and send it back out for free.

HD: You can mail Vexed Youth that blank CD at:

Vexed Youth Demo
9502 Woodbrooke Ct.
Manassas, VA

Lyrics of Zombie Song:

What you gonna do
When zombies attack
What you gonna do

What you gonna do
You better watch your back
What you gonna do

They’re comin out their graves
They’re comin after you
They’re comin after brains
They’re gonna make a stew

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