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Zombie-A-GoGo Interviews


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

3:52 PM - Steve Grainger: The Last Resort Man

I know Steve Grainger as a person and feel honored to call him a friend. But, before I met him or even spoke to him online, I was a fan of his film, Come Get Some! I credit Come Get Some! as being one of the best independent zombie films I've seen, and I have seen more than most I'm sure. I also credit it with being one of the top comedic zombie flicks out there, regardless of budgets. I'll quit rambling now and bring on the interview.

Hateful: OK, Steve. Now that I’m finally getting around to the interview, please pretend we know nothing about you and tell us about yourself.

Steve: Born and raised in the south. Got into acting in college and have been doing it ever since. Got into working on films in the early 90's. Worked on about a dozen Hollywood films a couple of TV series and a few TV movies before I got into indy film.

Hateful: The main reason behind this interview is your film Come Get Some! and your upcoming film, Come Get Some More! What was your inspiration for Come Get Some?

Steve: I met Jason Griscom, CGS's director, when we were both working for Troma at the DragonCon convention in Atlanta. He had a script for a movie he had tried doing a couple times. He asked me about playing the lead. We re-wrote the script together and started making the movie later that year. The film is homage to all the films that we both love…

Hateful: How long did it take you to make and what did you feel your greatest challenge was in completing it?

Steve: We spent 2 1/2 years making it, mainly on weekends. Biggest challenge was getting people to show up enough times to finish their scenes. We got lucky in a lot of ways cause we got all our locations for free and had some really talented people help us out to get it done.

Hateful: The VHS and DVD versions of Come Get Some! vary a bit. Which do you prefer?

Steve: To be frank I don't even remember the VHS version anymore. Except I think it was longer and I always wanted a shorter version.

Hateful: Can we expect any of the characters from Come Get Some! to appear in the sequel?

Steve: Besides myself, Darrick Wilson, who played Agent Romero in CGS is returning and a couple of people who played minor roles in first one pop back up.

I love your role as the Last Resort Man. What inspired that character?

Steve: Last Resort Man is based on Ash from the Evil Dead movies-Jason even had his name is Ash in orginal script. I added in some of Kurt Russel from Big Trouble in Little China and some of my own smart assed personality and just tried to make him the biggest goof I could as I figured the dumber he looked the funnier the scenes would play.

Hateful: What has been your favorite acting role so far and why?

Steve: It's kind a hard to say. I try to have a good time no matter what I do and I like doing different characters. I enjoyed playing Sherriff Roy Crocket in The Ancient about as much as I did Playing the Last Resort Man even though they are totally different roles.

Hateful: What actors and actresses has it been a pleasure to work with and why?

Steve: Debbie Rochon did a cameo in Come Get Some More and she was so great to work with. I also got to do a short little film with her with a buddy of mine in Tennessee called The Classic. Heidi Martinuzzi was also a joy to work with both on CGSM and on the anthology project I did with her. Most of the folks on CGS and The Ancient were wonderful.

Hateful: Are there any actors or actresses that you hate working with? I guess you don’t have to give up names if there are.

Steve: I'd rather not get into it. If I don't enjoy working with someone I just move on and avoid them if possible.

Hateful: So, since you known me and all, if you were to cast me in a zombie film, what role would you give me? Sorry, but I had to ask.

Steve: I'd probably make you the guy who pops up and says a few funny lines before he gets eaten by a zombie-then have you pop back as a zombie and get a nice bloody kill in on a main character.

Hateful: What are some of your fondest memories in working on films?

Steve: I love anytime I'm working on films. It's fun even when it’s a pain in the ass long day. One of my favorite times was the day I got paid double time and all I did that day was sleep and eat-the magic of Hollywood.

Hateful: What are some of your least favorite memories of working on films so far?

Steve: A TV movie I did called Complex of Fear and an episode of In the Heat of the Night. Really rude, abusive directors. A couple of crappy attitude people I worked with who sucked all the joy out the experience, which takes a lot of work.

Hateful: Do you have any heroes in the filmmaking business, alive or deceased? What influences have you drawn from them?

Steve: Raimi, Romero, Kaufman and a load of other indy guys. I learned you keep working till you get the film done and you pour yourself into the film, effort shows.

Hateful: What are your favorite zombie films and novels? Why?

Steve: Dawn of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead are my favorites as far as movies go but I'll watch anything with zombies at least once. I like social commentary in my zombie flicks. I haven't read a lot of zombie novels.

Hateful: Are there any zombie stinkers out there that you really disliked?

Steve: Children of the Living Dead. A wet turd of a film that dares to pretend it has something to do with the classics of Romero.

Hateful: So, what is the status of Come Get Some More? Any idea when fans might be able to score a copy?

Steve: Editing it, then I got to get the score and rest of the sound done. Probably have some copies out later this year.

Hateful: Do you have any advice for people looking to make their own independent film?

Steve: Keep it simple, bust your ass and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Hateful: Finally, are there any other projects you are currently working on and what do you hope to achieve in filmmaking in the future?

Steve: I'm working on a possible anthology project, looking into a western. I'm heading to Texas for the second Texas Indy Meet Project in Sept. There are a number of projects other people are talking to me about. I just want to make films. If I could make films and pay my bills from it I'd be a happy man till the day I die.

Hateful: For those unfortunate enough not to have a copy of Come Get Some!, where might they purchase a copy or other merchandise?

Steve: Right now, I'd tell them to contact me. Maybe we get a distributor in the future, here's hoping.

Steve Grainger can be contacted at irontoxie@yahoo.com

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